The world and our daily life as we know it has almost come to a halt, due to a virus that we perhaps could have anticipated, prepared for or at least in advance made some simulations as to how it would affect our way of living.

But in all perspective, we were not ready! We honestly thought that it could only happen in the mind of a science fiction writer and at the cinema.

We were wrong an unprepared!

In the days, months and years to come many will debate, write, comment and analyze this period in our world history and there will be many different points of views, statements and conspiracy theories, Breaking News, Fake News and posts on SoMe.

But we have a more pressing issue, we need to get back to a new kind of normal.

We need to embrace the fact that a virus, has taken control of our world, and now we need to learn how to move on, how to make the wheels of progress spin again. How do we do that, while it’s still among us?

I introduce #smartreboot as a state of mind and action, where we as humans develop more intelligent life preserving ways of living, new ways of using existing knowledge and a pact where we learn by our mistakes, recognize them, communicate and improve next attempt.

We simply need to reboot our societies, relearn how to interact and enhance our business to the new reality.

Because I´m sorry to say there will be a Covid-20, 21 and many more.. and some off them could be even more fatal, if we don´t start thinking smart while we reboot our countries.

#smartreboot will off cause be implemented on a local, regional or national scale, but as we have also learned from this crisis, that the world is vulnerable because we all would like to live globally and interact with one another, so it’s important to share our good ideas, mistakes and learnings with the rest of the world. And one thing that has become very evident with this virus didn’t accept or recognize religion, political system, borders or who you are, so to make a significant #smartreboot we also need to accept that important lesson from nature.

Perhaps it would be a benefit to all countries in the world if fx. UN made an international committee with only one purpose to gather and share good ideas, mistakes and learnings (IML) on how to live, work smarter and safer in a world that from time to time will be exposed to something, that we as humans not yet have all solutions on how to handle.

What could be your suggestion to a #smartreboot? . Share your thoughts.

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